kalau hujan belum teduh, haruskah kita merempuh hujan menuju destinasi?

cabaran itu datang dalam hidup kita bermacam rupa. ada dugaan yg menguji kesihatan, keupayaan, cinta, wang dan maruah. seumpama musim yg berganti, Allah menetapkan kehidupan berputar dlm keadaan yg berbeza2.

"Adakah manusia itu menyangka bahawa mereka dibiarkan saja mengatakan; "Kami telah beriman," sedangkan mereka tidak diuji? Dan sesungguhnya Kami telah menguji orang-orang yang sebelum mereka, maka sesungguhnya Allah mengetahui orang-orang yang benar dan sesungguhnya Dia mengetahui orang-orang yang berdusta." ( al-Ankabut: 2 - 3)

Mengapa yg di namakan 'kehidupan' di rencanakan sedemikian rupa?
fahamilah bahawa ini satu proses membina pelindung bullet-proof pd jasad dan rohani.
anda seorg pejuang. seorg jihad. semua orang berjihad di jalan masing2, ada erti dan sasaran penghidupan. pengalaman demi pengalaman akan membina sistem kendiri anda sendiri. setiap pengalaman pahit adalah selapis pembaharuan dlm sistem kendiri. seperti juga kereta, penghasilan kereta berkualiti dan peningkatan mutu perlu UJIAN KETAHANAN. berulang2. dari dimensi yg menyeluruh. Begitu juga konsepnya dgn membina diri anda yg lbh berkualiti.


ia akan berakhir. tuan-tuan & puan-puan, semua ujian ada hasilnya. masalah anda mungkin berakhir selepas 10 hari, 10minggu, 10 tahun. di ketika ini, ia kelihatan seperti tidak ada penghujungnya. tetapi jgn tuan-tuan lupa, apa lagi yg blh berlaku 10 hari, 10bulan atau 10tahun lagi bergantung kpd anda.

jangan lupa, 10 hari lagi tetap akan tiba. tetapi bagaimanakah anda memilih utk menghadapinya?

"Janganlah kamu bersikap lemah dan janganlah pula kamu bersedih hati, padahal kamulah orang-orang yang paling tinggi darjatnya jika kamu orang-orang yang beriman." ( al-Imran:139)

yang pertama dalam persediaan, ialah pilih utk menghadapi masalah tersebut seadanya dirimu pada masa ini. apabila dugaan itu merempuh diri anda dalam bersendirian, hadapilah ketakutan dan kekusutan itu. lihatlah dugaan itu sbg rempuhan angin. ia datang, berterusan, berat, sukar dan lama. tetapi anda terima dengan telus, terima dgn sabar, terima dan biarkan ia berlalu sepantas ia datang. hadapinya lagi. teruskan menongkah arus, tuan-tuan. bersikap terima tanpa anggapan yg bukan2. jalani dugaan dgn sikap yg telus dan jalan yg sabar.

"Dan mintalah pertolongan (kepada Allah) dengan jalan yang sabar dan dengan mengerjakan solat; dan sesungguhnya solat itu amatlah berat kecuali kepada orang-orang yang khusyuk." ( al-Baqarah: 45)

mintalah kepadanya. Allah pemilik segala d langit dan bumi. yg mengetahui hikmah d sebalik segala kejadian.

semoga lebih gagah menghadapi segala cabaran. saya bersama mereka yg berusaha menghadapi cabaran dgn penuh kesabaran :)

hujan belum teduh, tp jangan terganggu oleh hujan yg d luar kawalan

'Mind Control' or Creativity? - or - Why Holding On Is As Important As Letting Go

Life is full of contradictions, opposites and mysteries and yet, when you let go of analysing, dissecting and isolating everything, and look at the bigger picture, mind control and creativity suddenly go together perfectly well. They are two sides of the same coin. Here’s why...

When it comes to being creative, we first think of letting go of limitations, restrictions and all those logical, analytical activities of the brain’s left hemisphere. Delving into the limitless world of our imaginative right brain is an important part of entering that exhilarating state where new ideas flow. But that alone doesn’t achieve the balance we need for creative harmony.

The last few months have been hectic as I’ve set up a new business – as a single parent, this isn’t always a breeze. Apart from creating my own brand of training courses and seminars, we’ve built a lovely website containing many articles on holistic wellbeing. Even though this is the work that I’m passionate about and love to do, not everything runs smoothly all the time. Retaining the ‘creative flow’ is a must.

I’m sure many of you will know the feeling of ‘life getting in the way’ – too many errands to run, bills to pay, autumn leaves to rake and complicated homework riddles to solve – and the list goes on… So, how DO you retain the creative flow?

The answer is simple really – through mind control!

The idea of mind control might seem opposed to having boundless creative energy, but it isn’t at all.

Being creative means letting go - ‘going with the flow’ as that well worn saying goes. It’s about allowing the delicate breeze of inspiration, imagination and ideas to tickle your fingers into a dance of many letters as the words flow onto paper (or into your PC files). And in order to let go enough for this subtle, elusive energy to come out to play, you first need mind control.

The mind control path to creativity means being able to leave behind the noise of incessant mental chatter, the harrowing images of ever growing un-ironed washing piles, the frantic pre-Christmas shopping shuffle and whatever else might be occupying your thoughts and undermining your creativity.

Take time out in the midst of the madness. Let go of the pressure of the to-do-list and the need for household perfection - and the guilt that may result from that - and take time for silence, for nature and for simply being with your Self. Once you learn to control your mind, you achieve the inner silence that allows something ‘sublime’ to happen.

Try my top three tips to quieten the mind and increase creativity:

#1 Find five minutes for yourself as early in the day as possible.
Lock yourself away. Make it your time. If necessary buy some noise cancelling headphones! Sit in a comfortable chair, close your eyes, and relax. Imagine you are breathing in creative energy with each breath, and exhaling pure light.

#2 Walk.
Become super-sensitive to what’s around you – bird song, traffic noise, laughter. Don’t analyse or judge, just look, listen and use the rest of your senses.

#3 Play this creativity game.
Pick up the nearest book. Go to page 12. Count to the thirteenth, fourteenth and fifteenth words. I just did this and the words were “order to achieve”. Pick, one two or three of these words, and use them to write about tomorrow. Don’t analyse, just write.

“Tomorrow I’m going to order an omelette at the shoe repair shop. It would be good to see the look on the face of old Jenkins. Maybe he’ll even crack a smile for once. You never know what you can achieve until you try.”

And then, enjoy going with that creative flow! Have fun…

If you don't really know how creativity is relevant in your life or you haven't quite found the outlet for your own creative energies - next time I'll share some ideas on finding the perfect way for you to express who you are.

About the Author:
Annett Tate helps people transcend their anger through her "Subtle Energy" seminars and coaching. Her website is a treasure trove of information on stress management, relaxation, meditation, self-hypnosis, and much more.


People in stressful situation tend to flood their thought. With everything they couldn’t handle.

When having a problem is already painful, growing negative thoughts in your mind just added the burden. These collective of negative thoughts are the cause of dead-end solution. Do you realize that bombarded questions usually paralyze your mind?

The immobilization happened because you are sending too many requests to the brain and cause 'bottle-neck' situation. ‘Bottle-neck’ situation is a term when you have to pick a solution from variety of choices. You tend to prioritize your solution when facing several options or your mind just too jammed to work on any decision.

If you ever experience these difficulties, you are not alone. i'll give you an example. Mark Victor Hansen, the author of ‘Dare to Win’ suffered the same symptom. He was doing extremely well in his business when the global economic downturn swipe out his wealth and leave him dead broke and bankrupt. He couldn’t accept the truth. He was in an ‘escaping-reality state’ for a few weeks, sleeping from sunlight to sunlight, around the clock and just couldn’t face the fact that he is a penniless man. But those situation was the best time for him to start everything from the begining.

mike horn, an artic explorer said in National Geographic magazines
"if you worry, you die,
if you don't worry, you also die,
so why bother worry?"

How to clear those negative thoughts and replace it with positive attitude?

take a deep breath, my brother. skip today, and fast-forward your life to next 2 years. imagine you are walking or driving calm and stress free along the same road you've been driving these years. imagine that it has been 2years after the tragedy swipe everything you own. now you are back on track, running and making a leap in your life.

you are not escaping anything. by imagining a better future, you are releasing the stressful energy and fear from your mind. you have to see your future, my brother. you have to see how you should face the pain and survive the ordeal. see yourself after the tragedy. then trace a way back to the present. be patient when you come back from the future.

3 Ways People Deal With Failure

What separates people who enjoy success from the majority who end up never getting what they want is how we respond to failure. It is what we do about failure that makes a big difference.

There are three ways in which people respond to failure.

Pattern 1: Give Excuses, Lay Blame & Give up

What do some people do when they don't get what they want? They will start giving themselves lots of excuses and blame everything and everyone around them. They say things like, 'it's not fair', 'I'm just not smart enough' 'It's just too difficult', 'I'm too young' or 'I'm too old', 'I just didn't have the luck', 'the depressed economy affected me'.

Feeling helpless and frustrated, this first group will stop taking action and give up! They will resign themselves to their goal being out of reach and live a life of mediocrity.

Pattern 2: Keep Trying the Same thing Over and Over Again

These are the people who have a lot more determination than the first. When they don't get their outcome, they will not quit. They will get themselves to take action again. The motto of this group is, 'I failed because I did not try hard enough' 'If I keep trying, I will eventually succeed'. So they keep taking action, putting in more time, energy and effort. No matter how many times they fail, they just keep trying harder and harder.

Will they eventually achieve their goals? It depends. If they set small, incremental goals, they may, with enough time and effort eventually succeed. However, if they set big and exceptional goals, like becoming the top in their field, they will never be successful by just trying again and again. They may experience a better result, but they won't reach the goals they desire. Why?

Because, although they keep taking action, they do not change their strategy. If you keep using the same approach, you are going to keep getting the same result. I have seen so many professionals and businessmen repeat this limiting pattern.
I know many businessmen who fail in their business only to start again and do the same thing. They keep putting in ads that don't work, they hire ineffective people or they use the same business model.

Pattern 3: Get Feedback, Change Strategy and Take Action until you Succeed.

So what is the pattern that all successful individuals exhibit? When they don't achieve their goals, they don't think of it as failure. Instead, they perceive it as feedback. Either feedback that the strategy they used was ineffective or that they did not take enough action. They then use this feedback to immediately change their strategy and take action again.

If they still don't succeed, they will get more feedback, change their strategy and take action again. They keep repeating this process until they get what they want. They do whatever it takes. So, remember, every time you don't get what you want, it is life giving you feedback. It is this continuous feedback you need to help you adjust your approach until you hit your target.

Thomas Edison took almost 10,000 attempts before inventing the light bulb. When asked how he did it, he said that he had to first find 9,999 strategies of how not to invent the light bulb. He then used this feedback to change his strategy until he got what he wanted.

Successful people re-look and change their strategy whenever they encounter 'failure'. They understand that failure is feedback. Understand this principle and you will overcome failure and achieve success in no time at all.

About the Author:
Adam Khoo is an entrepreneur, best-selling author and a self-made millionaire by the age of 26. Discover his million dollar secrets and claim your FREE audio CD program '6 Ways To Achieve Anything' here.

Adventures In Relieving Stress

Whether we are at work, traveling, or at home, we’ve all had bad days. Those stressful times can be difficult, but important, to shake. Your mental, emotional, and physical health depends on you to find ways to relax and regain equilibrium. I’m going to be sharing some practices that you can do to help throw off that stress and reclaim your Happy Self in no time!

First, let me explain a little bit to you about Stress Chemicals.
Stress and other forms of negativity affect your sympathetic nervous system and endocrine and hormonal systems. Stress sends nerve impulses to the adrenal glands, which in turn puts a number of different chemicals into your blood stream. They affect the pituitary gland, which causes yet even more chemicals to be released. These chemicals include corticosteroids, such as adrenaline and noradrenaline, other hormones, and neurotransmitters. All the chemical reactions can turn into a vicious cycle making it harder to clear yourself from them and the damage they cause.

The good news is there are a broad variety of tools you can use to relax your mind and body to relieve the stress chemicals before they cause too much harm. Let’s go on an adventure and try a variety of activities to find what works best for you!

My favorite thing to do to help me get back to my Happy Self is to take long hot baths. Bathing works to clear the stress chemicals from our topical bodies, relaxes our muscles, and it feels wonderful! Epsom salts, Bath Salts, or Sugar Scrubs are perfect agents to use. I also use aromatherapy products such as candles or incense. Soothing music is a beautiful touch as well.

Another important thing to do is to Move Your Body! Yoga, Pilates, or any stretching exercise will help release the stuck stress chemicals from your muscles and spine. Any sort of stretching will do, touch your toes and reach up high into the air, as high as you can reach and then bend back down to touch your toes again. Even one minute of stretching is beneficial.

Try to take several mini stretch breaks throughout your day. Take a walk, dance, jump up and down, do whatever you can think of to just move, even if only for a couple minutes a day out of your hectic schedule. You’ll be amazed at how this increases your energy and gives you more stamina against stress.

Good breathing practices are critical. Of course, you HAVE to breathe. Good breathing takes some practice and will give you the most benefit of how the oxygen circulates through your bloodstream. Use good breathing to replace stress chemicals with clean energy. This helps your body tremendously and helps your mind react with more stability. The simplest method I’ve found is to breathe in slowly and steadily. Try it! Take three nice deep breaths, through your heart.

Now, focus on your diaphragm filling up like a balloon each time you inhale and deflating softly with each exhale. Allow this process to be very natural and steady. This is the perfect practice that you can do anytime, anywhere. I encourage you to practice this one as often as you can think of it. I find rush hour is a particularly good time for me to work on breathing techniques!

Visualization techniques are another great practice to focus on from time to time. Don't worry if you can't actually SEE what you are trying to visualize. Every person sees things differently. What’s important is your intention. For example, think of your favorite desert; really think about it, the way it tastes, the texture, and the colors. How are you doing at imagining that?

That imagining is exactly what visualization is. You are all ready an expert! Let’s put that expertise into motion with some visualization exercises. Find a relaxing area, sit or lie down, any position works wonderfully for this. When your comfortable, imagine a ball of bright white or very bright blue light as a little spark that starts in the area of your sacral chakra (Your tummy area), allow it to grow into a flame. Allow that flame to grow within you and outside of you. Let the flame fill your whole space and imagine it "burning" out all negative blocks or murky feeling areas.

Now, imagine the flame blowing out of you and disappearing into the distance, taking all the negativity with it. Now breathe! You can also do simple visualizations of your favorite Happy Places. The beach, a beautiful sunset, or a loved one always works well for me. Whatever your very own special Happy Places are, spend some time and go there in your heart and mind and notice how refreshed you feel after your “journey”.

One last I’ll leave you with for now is to begin a journal. Use it to record where your stresses come from, what you did to relieve yourself from it and how that turned out for you. You’ll be able to use your journal to fine-tune the methods that work best for you. While you are doing this, remember to mix it up a bit. Try practicing visualization or breathing techniques as you soak in a nice hot bath, or when you are stretching. Mix all the techniques up to find your own variety of stress relief tools. Then, when those yucky, stressful days hit, you’ll be well prepared to handle them with ease!

About the Author:
Tracy Togliatti is a Holistic Practitioner and specializing in Energy Psychology and Reiki. She also offers a free advice service and free email Reiki lessons at


i have to write this. saya belajar sesuatu dari kadet2 saya. apa ertinya bermati-matian mengubah taraf hidup.

baru2 ini semasa pulang dari perpustakaan, saya d approach oleh junior palapes saya. dia mengajak saya join satu perniagaan, memandangkan saya suka berniaga. lagipun sudah hampir sebulan saya berhenti meniaga gerai popia di simpang jalan itu. dia sungguh berahsia ttg kompeni tsebut dan mengajak saya ke ofis mereka d simpang tiga, kuching.

oleh kerana ini sudah pelawaan kedua yg seumpamanya, penuh misteri dan menggeramkan, saya pun setuju nak pergi. saya tinggalkan d rmh semua kad ATM dan cash money, utk mengelakan join tanpa pikir panjang. beria2 junior saya ni ke rumah saya menjemput dgn kereta sewa. sesampainya d ofis mereka, saya makinlah terkejut bila bersalaman dgn hampir 10 org kadet dan pegawai muda palapes unimas d sana. saya mmg terperanjat besar kerana saya kenal muka2 ini!

maaf, saya pun xdapatlah nak mendedahkan nama kompeni tersebut. sekadar menghormati rakan2 yg terbabit dlm periuk nasi tu. sudah polisi mereka.

semasa wakil mereka show plan kat saya, sardin je muka dia bila minta saya invest rm2.5k. dan dia menyebut dgn lancar dan tenang bila menyarankan saya invest rm12.5k terus. saya rasa macam blur. dan mengorek lagi bagaimana kadet2 ni blh cari rm12.5k sbb saya tau mereka xada duit.

mereka berusaha high&low utk kumpul rm12.5k tu. malah ramai yg labur rm30k. walaupun mereka tidak miliki wang sebanyak itu. mereka mengorek tabung, meminjam dari kawan2 yg jarang jumpa, adik beradik, ibubapa dan ada yg bjaya kumpul dalam 2-3hari! saya rasa kagum!

jgn menyalahkan kompeni tersebut krn bdk2 ini buat loan sana sini. plan kompeni tersebut terbukti berkesan dan ramai yg sdh membuktikan kjayaan mereka. lihat dari sudut ini: wang bukan penghalang.

apa itu driving force yg buat mereka kumpul duit sebanyak tu sms mereka tau mereka tiada sesen pun. bagaimana mereka berusaha? kalau mereka dapat robohkan halangan duit, mengapa tidak kita?

anda mgkn merancang utk buka pniagaan sendiri. mereka juga. mereka mgkn melabur dlm pniagaan org lain, anda pula melabur dlm idea dan pniagaan sendiri. itu lebih baik! saya tidak mengatakan melabur dlm kompeni org itu tidak baik, ttp melabur dlm idea sendiri itu jg langkah berani. anda juga blh bermula dari kosong.

fikirlah melangkau kekangan kewangan. berfikir di luar kotak kewangan dpt menghindarkan jln buntu dan mati akal. by hook or by crook, duit itu terpaksa d cari juga. jadi, jgn membunuh idea perniagaan anda terlalu awal. bersabarlah dan fikirlah jauh ke hadapan.

kalau mereka dapat melakukannya, kenapa tidak anda!!



"The fear of being judged, looking stupid, being wrong or feeling like a failure can take away all your creative energy."~ Billy Lim

hat is it behind the tagline? DARE TO FAIL. Feeling fine and indifferent after making so much failure you start to believe you are such a looser,
or there is diamond hidden in the dirt. Is it possible?

Hell yes. In every possible way, hard-knock experience can be the turning point in one’s life. There was a story about one millionaire who went bankrupt during the 2007 recession. He was dead broke and lost all his assets. He.and his wife had to sell nasi lemak and pulut panggang by the side road for survival. But the strong couples never gave up on themselves. They braved through the rain, expand their business and become millionaire again. If you noticed back ten years ago his success story used to be publicized by the local television channel.

DARE TO FAIL actually is a title to a motivational book written by Billy Lim, a successful Malaysian motivational speaker. The book is no. 1 bestseller in Malaysia and had inspired a lot of people. One of those people is me, myself.

Billy Lim ignites distinctive self acceptance and self value by applying mistakes and failures as valuable tools. He gave a lot of examples from his own experience. Billy succeeded in transforming negative thinking to optimism and recreates the right attitude toward success. A good read for spiritual sparks and entrepreneurship.

You can also visit his website, Dare To Fail at where failure is a part of success..

disgrace & glory (part III)


It was Wednesday evening. My roommate, Nelly and I were doing our own businesses at our hostel apartment. It almost 5.30pm when we heard knocked on our door. Before I could reach the door knob, two familiar guests stepped in. They were looking for me.

“You don’t have any class today? Where’s your room, Jasmine?” she asked me.

I couldn’t utter a word and point my finger to my room. The two ladies were Miss Cordelia, our hostel principle and Miss Jennifer, our facilitator. Miss Jennifer quickly walk to my room and said to Nelly, “Could you please step outside and let me make a quick checking around your room, please.”

“What is this all about, ma’am?” I said in wonder.

Puzzled Nelly walked out of the room and Miss Jennifer shut the door behind her. Miss Cordelia walked to my computer across the living room.

“Is that yours?” she said with her finger pointing to my computer. She browsed through my things lying on the desk next to the PC. My heart just stop beating when she lifted my client’s books, printed articles, letters, and post-it-notes on my PC and held them tight. I instantly catch the meaning to it all.

“Can you show me your computer files, please? I would like to have a look at them,” she said quickly.

I was burnt in silent anger. As I grabbed the mouse, I said in between my breath, “you don’t have to do this. I know what it is all about. It’s about the translation, is it? I did nothing wrong. I have no problem showing you everything I do. I have no problem to co-operate. All you have to do is ask. You really don’t have to do this.”

She remained silent and copied everything I show her to her portable drive. Miss Jennifer appeared from behind and said she found nothing.

“Why are you doing this? Im not a criminal. You can ask me anything. You don’t have to do this,” I said in low deep voice.

She is not satisfied. “What is your name?” she asked Nelly.

“She has nothing to do with this,” I quickly said and shook my head weakly. Oh, my god. She is not involved. “I did everything on my own. Please leave her out of this.”

“Jasmine, don’t interfere. We are not doing this for fun. We are just doing our job. Why are all of you cadets always behaving like this? ” she said to me.

“All of you? Who are you referring to, ma’am, it’s only the two of us in this room,” came my replied. Why do they always generalize us in such a way?

“Ma’am, please understand. You came into my house, you said nothing, rummaging into my things, it’s my privacy… and you won’t listen to me. This is very hard for me to take. I did nothing wrong. Who made you do this? ” I said. I almost begged.

They said nothing.

“We can’t tell you. We are not allowed to. Please understand that we are just doing our job!” she replied in a persuaded voice.

I was speechless for a moment. I said, “but who? You must tell me. ”


persinggahan hidup
seperti kelongsong peluru
yg berketuk,
cela bila membebaskan belerang yang garang
meninggalkan bekas bakar
kelak pastinya berkarat

keupayaan ku diuji
dalam perjalanan yang terasa sungguh jauh
adalah kenderaan yang di desak melalui
segala lorong dan lohong
dalam lebuhraya ini.

impian tidak bertunjang mimpi
rasai serpihan belerang ini
untuk kali ini
supaya esok
kenderaanku bisa kalis peluru ini lagi


JUTAWAN: Sifu Kewangan Luar Kampus

Pernah terfikir x, adakah universiti mengajar kita jd berjaya dgn jd KAYARAYA?
jwpn saya, universiti mengajar kita berjaya dgn jd berilmu. varsiti mbuka pluang pkerjaan yg semakin baik, peluang kpd pluang kpd pluang nak maju dgn lbh luas. tetapi.. dak U semue kita mesti sedar...utk jd sukses n byk harta, kita mesti BELAJAR JD KAYA. sesuatu yg anda mesti cari sendiri.

itu berita baik sebenarnya. itu bukti Allah maha adil kpd semua makhluk. hatta pendatang asing, penoreh getah, OKU atau si buta huruf pun boleh jd jutawan. berita baik pd rakan2 yg gagal masuk universiti dan terasa kecil diri. atau pas spm je pastu sara famili. rupa2nya rahsia menjadi seorg hartawan tidak diajar di universiti.

kalau pemikiran jutawan benar2 diterapkan dlm minda siswazah, saya percaya budak ekonomi n bisnes adlh graduan plg cemerlang, dahsyat lg dr dak sains, kuar dgn idea n mentaliti keusahawanan yg kental, kurang pengangguran dan makan gaji.jgn marah, itu bkn salah anda atau sesiapa dan maafkan saya, saya langsung tdk berniat memperendah2kan rakan2 ekonom n bisnes.

graduan sains pun senasib tak? cuma, kalau subjek membina kekayaan ni diimplement di U, pasti course bisnes ni membongkar formula kaya, sehinggakan kita berasa gerun tgk bakal2 apprentice ni.malah dak bisnes leh ajar undergrad lain rahsia berfikir spt org kaya.tetapi secara umumnya, kita kuar U dgn nasib yg hampir sama. pun begitu, bkn salah universiti. TIDAK

Aku pun x kaya seposen habuk semasa sdg menulis blog ni. tapi saya dah bertemu simpang menuju KEBEBASAN KEWANGAN yg dipusu2kan olh ramai org. jd, marilah kita berkongsi pengetahuan, walau sekadar maklumat

ideologi, prinsip2 membina kekayaan harus DIPELAJARI SENDIRI drp jutawan. zmn skrg la senang nak blajar dr jutawan dan taikoon bisnes. jgn takut perkataan bisnes. jgn pandang rendah diri sendiri.cari media massa. baca buku motivasi pniagaan, audio kaset, cd.join seminar kekayaan, labur lah skt wang utk seminar. cari mentor dlm bisnes. belajar keusahawanan, pniagaan, pelaburan dan asas kewangan.

mana nak cari?
ini saranan saya, belajar di dan juga ini penting, supaya anak2 bangsa kita tau mengurus kewangan.byk org2 yg berjaya disana mengajar budak2 cam kita spy berjaya. semua aspek WANG, dibincang dgn jelas dan hemah.cth keusahawanan, bisnes, hartanah, pelaburan..mereka budiman dan sanggup menolong kita. jgn tunggu lepas grad. jadilah lbh bijak dr bdk kilang yg xmampu msk U tp tau mengubah nasibnya.

harapan saya, antum semua dpt manfaat yg xtersangka2. biar buka mata. saya tdk perlu jd gah utk berkongsi ilmu yg berharga ni. saya hanya perlu jd seorg teman yg menyampaikan khabar gembira.

IRFAN KHAIRI: Rahsia Seorang Jutawan Internet

Pernah dengar nama IRFAN KHAIRI? dr. irfan khairi, anak tempatan yg bergelar jutawan pd umo 25tahun lepas salah satu bisnes internetnya berjaya mengaut rm1,000,000. sejak dua menjak namanya menjadi sebutan, irfan khairi (28thn) menjadi sifu kpd peniaga2 internet, pakar2 industri dan newbie2 yg mula nak bertatih dlm perniagaan online/e-commerse ni.

dr irfan khairi belajar dari kesilapan, dan pengalaman. pd permulaan, e-bisnesnya tdk bgt menguntungkan. beliau mula meneroka dan mengkaji teknik2 yg jutawan2 internet dunia gunakan utk mencungkil rahsia bagaimana mereka mendirikan LAMAN WEB YG BOLEH MELARISKAN JUALAN.

berkat usaha gigih dan pengetahuannya, dia bergelar jutawan hanya one click away from home..gune laptop je seh..dr irfan menegaskan, bukan modal besar atau web gempak yg buat org memilih produk kita, tp laman web yg ringkas dan byk beri manfaat pd pengguna yg buat org setia, dan percaya bisnes virtual kita ni jujur.

so, apa faedah kita bisnes kat internet ni? especially yg ko reti cume main game, layan friendster,donlot2 anime, tak pun beli tiket airasia online...jwpnnya ialah modal permulaan dan sewa tapak lebih rendah dr org wat gerai burger, masa kerja adlh terpulang pd kita dan bakal pelaggan sgt ramai. kalau suka nak buka perniagaan, cari duit lebih dan paling bahagia sekali KEBEBASAN WANG belajar dari yg tlh tbukti berjaya

pniagaan mana zero risiko beb, sbb itu mesti ada ilmu menghasilkan kedai yg berjaya. dr irfan mengajar beribu2 org berjaya di e-biz dlm bukunya "rahsia jutawan2 internet terbongkar". buku ini buku pniagaan internet/kwangan plg laris d M'sia. mudah d baca, mudah praktik dan semua golongan umur blh mempraktikkannya. Aku mengesyorkan kawan2 yg nak wat duit sampingan membelinya. layari klik link tu. kalo korang beli pun saya tak untung apa2, saya bukan affiliate pun tp ilmu tu sgt bagus utk anda.

saya hrp kawan2 bertemu dgn pkerjaan yg paling disukai anda supaya hidup ini terasa puas dan setiap hari adlh hari yg memberangsangkan.


orait. this is dr tuah's blog: eTuah . my reccomendation to those looking for creative, juicy motivations in various aspect of self-development. aku terpengaruh dgn dakyah dak housemate aku, yakni seorang cikgu yg rajin membaca majalah2 dewan bahasa. akak nilah yg rekemen aku baca blog dr tuah, memandangkan aku pun dah sememangnya surf addict.

dr hm tuah iskandar al-haj, adlh leading motivator di mesia yg ahli dlm bdg psikologi dan perwatakan manusia. beliau berceramah pasal kpimpinan, personaliti, team building, pendidikan dsb. selain itu, beliau jg seorg penulis prolifik yg menulis utk 18 buah mjlh dan tlh menerbitkan 50 buah novel. antara hit beliau adlh stefa isle, hatimu utk siapa, inikah cinta, enrique mengundang jauh & aku di hatimu. dr tuah jg tlh dnobatkan sbg the most outstanding people of 20th century olh international biographical centre, 1999.

blog dr tuah sgt mengujakan minda, feeds the needs. beliau menulis artikel2 ttg motivasi utk pembangunan diri, dari sudut pandangan aku, berkonsepkan utk menghapuskan pemikiran jumud 'saya xcukup bagus macam org lain'. dr tuah mengajar pembaca berfikir cara betul, dan berfikir cara sihat. sesuai bangat utk manusia yg serba silap dan merasa diari hidupnya mmg telah d tulis gagal setiap mukasurat.

that's not all. dr tuah menterjemahkan pemikiran insan berjaya dlm penulisannya. dgn menulis scr santai, jujur dan bersahaja, dr tuah enterprete minda cemerlang dgn kisah2 teladan, kiasan dan pernyataan yg lebih terus terang sesuai bg semua peringkat umur. bdk2 sekolah, cikgu2, makcik pakcik, siswa siswi dan bagi sesiapa sj yg menyukai motivasi.

dr tuah jg menulis ceramah2 bersiri ttg merawat cinta remaja & meyingkap rahsia lelaki (jeng, jeng, jeng..). yg ini teman2 harus mendaftar jd ahli dulu, baru blh dpt kemudahan e-ceramah ini. yg free kat sini just e-artikel.

lain2 bhn interaktif selain e-artikel dan e-ceramah, adlh e-book (jualan buku2 dr tuah), e-kaunseling (khidmat kaunseling scr sms dan online), e-video (tajuk: kendali iri hati), e-teman (cari2 jodoh..teman2 online), e-mobile (tajul muluk etc )dan e-news (pembabitan dr tuah d media penyiaran).

ini ada sesuatu yg menarik. saya mmg sgt cenderung dgn ilmu astrologi, numerologi dan tilikan nasib ni. skdr menyelami potensi diri sendiri dan sbg satu motivasi! saya tertarik dgn rahsia di sebalik tarikh lahir melalui khidmat sms tuah rahsia, casnya rm1. saya taip TUAH RAHSIA dan taip tarikh lahir seperti ini:

TUAH RAHSIA xx.xx.1983

dan hantarkan ke 33221. kemudian, saya dapat reply ini:

xx.xx.1983 anda seorg yg UNGGUL.
selalunya memiliki IDEA BARU.
anda JUJUR dan boleh MEMIMPIN.
bagaimanapun, elok jg mendengar pendpt org lain.

hehe. bagaimana?
saya sangat sukakannya sebagai satu penyuntik semangat. apa kata anda pula mencubanya sendiri.

orait. anda harus merasai sendiri baru dpt mengerti faedah blog dr tuah.

Disgrace & glory (part II)

Launching A Dream

When the demands grew bigger and more than I could handled, I started to offer the job to my friends. I thought of an idea on how to keep the money flowing into my pocket without having me working on every single paper.

The idea is networking. I made a network of 5-6 people to do the job and took 20% commission on each client as a project finder & founder. We translate or type a page of article for RM1.50. That is very reasonable compared to some translator who requested RM5.00/page! To give my networkers a boost of motivation, they get 100% profit out from their first client. However, at those times, little did I realize I was building a network, a very powerful tool for entrepreneur to become successful.

When business gets better, I felt it is time to promote and advertise the services. So I began designing posters and get my housemates to evaluate it. Was the poster understandable? Was it too crowded? Does it focused enough on the service or is it too general? I posted them on every faculties and notice board around campus.

We translate or type a page of article for RM1.50. That is very reasonable compared to some translator who requested RM5.00/page! Pasting ads in campus needs approval. I had to get the faculty’s cop and staff-on-duty’s signature. Once approved, my posters were everywhere.

Students beginning to rang my cellphone. Old friends appeared at my door. New friends become buddies.

Disgrace & glory (part I)

Disgrace and glory are only chapters in your diary. It’s true both acronyms molded mindset. But they can’t change who you are right now. Thought the past predicts the future, only you could make the difference.

The Reason is Money

one year, I was very desperate searching a way to make money. I was washing dishes mounting inside the kitchen sink at my ground floor hostel room. My mind was wandering outside an empty space seeking for a solution. Money is the ends to a mean. The contract of my study loan just finished the previous semester. Here I am, decided to extend 2 more semesters to finish a few subject I’ve not yet taken. My parents were not in a good financial condition at that time and I don’t have the heart to ask them for money.

Business premises around the neighbourhood turned down on me. They prefer a permanent worker rather than part-timer undergraduate. Or they want a night-shift waiter to work until 2-3am. Or its too far away I seemingly will be spending half of my wages on transportation alone. For 2 weeks, I’ve been searching for a job, high and low.

The thought of working as an interpreter suddenly arise. That is one of the skills I can be very good at (and you might say I’m not so bad J). At that time, I see that I have only few talents, few things I can do. My self confidence was at a very low par. I was recovering from a long heartache.
To be an interpreter, I don’t even have a clue where to start. Suddenly, Anita, my senior appeared behind the kitchen’s window and sent me good news.

“I have a friend who is currently looking for a translator,” she said.

Immediately I thought that god must have heard me.

“If she’s not in a hurry, I can help,” goes my reply.

“Apparently, she is in a hurry. That is why she needed help. And she is willing to pay. I’m not very good in English, so I’m not suitable for the task. So I thought you might be interested,” Anita said.

I immediately agreed, and we went back to her hostel room. There, her friend, a lady around late thirty sitting on her bed and was holding a paperwork.

She quickly expressed her relief, “thank you very much. Frankly, I can do this by myself, but I have 2 individual assignments due in a few days. My teammates return early to Johor for mid semester breaks and we have to submit this group assignment in a week. I just can’t focus on three things at once,” she said innocently.

I was nodding slightly. Trying to catch every detail she mentioned. Her name is Janice, a school teacher from Johor Bharu, Johor. We were in the same faculty, I took chemistry and she took biotechnology. Both Kak Jane (sis Jane, that is what I address her) and Puan Nita (Nita and I were both military reserved officers, so I address her as Puan: ma’am) are Johorians. They must have met each other in Johorians community club.

After agreeing on a few details, she immediately took out RM50 from her purse. I said she could wait until I have finished the job in the first place. However, she insisted. She look quite desperate and needed a confirmation that it will be done just like promised. I felt pity for her and assured her it will be completed like we agreed. So from the day onward, I decided to become an interpreter, translating BM to English and vice versa. Other than that, I am also a freelance typist.


Mengapa memilih keusahawanan?

walaupun jwpnnya subjektif kpd individu berbeza, tujuan yg jelas ialah menjana byk wang atau memiliki KEBEBASAN keWANGan.

seperti yg dikatakan robert kiyosaki dlm bukunya "bussiness school", manusia bekerja ini ada empat sukuan
i. sukuan I : makan gaji
ii. sukuan II : bekerja sendiri
iii. sukuan III : memiliki perniagaan/empayar perniagaan
iv.sukuan IV : pelabur

sukuan I: org makan gaji.
pekerja yg makan gaji terpaksa menukarkan masa bekerja kepada nilai wang yg tetap.
upah perjam adalah tetap, jika pekerja tidak dtg bekerja, maka tiada wang yg masuk. lebih masa yg dilaburkan, lebih wang yg diperolehi. sampai pd suatu tahap, graf perolehan akan mendatar utk tempoh yg sgt lama.

sukuan II: bekerja sendiri.
mereka ini menggunakan kepakaran dan kemahiran sendiri. cth peguam, doktor, arkitek.
mereka bekerja utk kekayaan sendiri. mereka memiliki kebebasan masa bekerja, tetapi aliran wang terhenti apabila mereka tidak bekerja. mereka biasanya profesional.

sukuan III: pemilik perniagaan.
golongan ini mempunyai pekerja. mereka menggaji org lain utk bekerja dlm perniagaan mereka.
pekerja mereka bekerja utk mengumpul kekayaan peniaga ini. wang mengalir masuk semasa mereka tdk bekerja, sedang tidur, berehat, bermain dsb. mereka memiliki lbh masa berkualiti utk dilaburkn kepada aktiviti2 yg mereka mahu.

sukuan IV: pelabur.
golongan ini sangat sedikit. mereka tidak menjalankan bisnes tetapi melaburkan wang dlm saham, hartanah, bon atau stok dan bijak mempelbagai sumber kewangan dlm pelaburan. pulangan besar.

dlm ketiga2 golongan ini, beliau menyarankan kehidupan sukuan III. untuk memiliki kebebasan kewangan, seseorg perlu menganjak dari sukuan pertama ke kedua, kedua ke ketiga dan seterusnya. sukuan ketiga itu adalah rezeki itu melimpah2 seperti sebatng sungai yg tidak keputusan air. ia merupakan identiti seorg pipebuilder.

sukuan pertama terpaksa menukarkan jam kepada wang. seumpama seorg pembawa baldi air, lebih besar dan byk baldi yg dibawa, lebih byk upah. jika hari tersebut diA TIDAK MEMBAWA BALDI,TIADA UPAH.

saranan burke hedges dlm bukunya "pipe builder" ialah be a pipebuilder, not a bucket carrier. walaupun begitu, tidak semua org meminati bisnes. hanyalah, konsep kehidupan ini diajar oleh mereka yg telah bergelar jutawan, dan telah mengalaminya sendiri..


amai rakan2 saya setelah tamat belajar saya dengar menyertai pniagaan MLM, selain makan gaji sbg pekerja sambilan sementara mencari kerja tetap. sebabnya mudah, mereka sudah perlu grab kerja. an initial launch of job search.

yg masih belajar dan perlu berdikari, kebanyakan kita makan gaji, kerja waitress, assisstant cybercafe, agen nasi lemak dan salesperson.

Mengapa tidak memilih keusahawanan?
rakan saya telah membeli sebuah kereta kancil semasa dia tahun dua, dan buat bisnes sewa keretanya.

bisnes kereta sewa mcm pisang goreng di unimasss..sekarang sudah 3tahun berlalu, dia tetap maintain seperti biasa. tak heboh2 pendapatannya tp memerhatikan cara hidupnya sungguh menarik sekali. dia mampu menghadiahkan cincin emas putih kpd kekasihnya, travel sana sini, kerap makan di restoran yg happening sekitar kuching dan samarahan, kerja di kedai IT yg bagus dan byk tolong rakan2.dia jg bercakap sdh mampu sewa rmah luar tp tak perlu lg... pokok pangkalnya dia tahu bagaimana mahu menjana wang.

Nampak kebebasan kewangan yg dimilikinya?
seorang senior saya spttnya grad selepas 3 thn pengajian..tetapi extend 2 thn.

dia seorg yg aktif dan ceria, tetapi extend 2 tahun sangat sukar bg sesiapa pun.apa yg dilakukannya ialah belajar menjahit di dewan suarah di daerah muara tuang, selama 6 bulan yg disediakan oleh giatmara utk budak2 kampung disitu scr percuma. selepas tamat kursus, semua budak2 palapes akan mencarinya untuk tempahan baju. dia pulang ke kpgnya dgn misi membuka kedai jahit.

rumusannya, rakan2 saya MEMENUHI keperluan orang lain...mereka cepat di cari kerana org lain ada keperluan untuk dipenuhi. walaupun permulaan mereka agak sukar, tetapi adat niaga tidak ada apa perniagaan boleh bertahan tanpa dijaga dan diusahakan semahunya. satu yg saya lihat, mereka menuju ke sasaran sendiri tanpa sikap terikut2 dan menonong-nonong sahaja.mgkn kerana itu, peluang mereka berkembang lebih luas dari rakan2 yg terpkasa bekerja utk org lain.


"hilang akal ke? jauh tu nak gali terusan. sori, jol. kenot go, " balas enal. dah pujuk2 taknak2, dah pujuk taknak, pijol bina paipnya sendiri...

mula2 org kampung laugh kat pijol. jauh tu nak bina paip..wat kubu pon piawai..

upah pijol menurun. but pijol go on..go on..go on.. satu ari, pijol dapati paipnya dah 75% siap! hah, dia gumbira sbb paip nak settle n dia pun bley angkut lebih baldi.

bila paip tu siap sepenuhnya 2 tahun kemudian, air dari sungai samarahan tu melimpah ke takungan kpg kenanga tu tak putus2.. sume org kpg cam kenot believe it!! depa sume dok puji2 pijol, cerdik tol dak ni. bukan itu saja, malah usahanya sgtlah berbaloi bila upahnya juga mengalir tidak putus2 ...seperti paip yg tidak ditutup2.

time jamming ngan pasukan kompang the Labyrinth, pijol buat duit, time buat tahi mata, dapat duit, time makan pun wat duit. huh, kaya. so pijol pun bina la masjid sebiji kt kpg dan bina masjid juga didalam kehidupannya. dia kawin ngan anak tok kiyai, siti lene.

dia pun ajak si enal. kini enal dah lebih yakin n positif ngan prospek bisnes ni. lg pun dia dah tak larat lg nak bw separuh pun drp seratus biji baldi sehari sbb tgn dah sakit. so depa pun join venture

walaupun tok kiyai nak promote pijol jd deputi merangkap penghulu kpg yg seterusnya, dia tak nak. dia nak bina paip ke serata mukim UMINASS!!!

oleh itu adik2..amatlah penting dlm hidup ini kita pandai membina paip... jgn angkut baldi spjg hidup..



Cerite ini aku rompak dr penulisan Robert T. Kiyosaki (rich dad poor dad) dlm bukunya 'business school' . nama2 karektor aku dah ubah supaya yg berkenaan tu terpengaruh ngan AGENDA suci & ikhlas aku ni.ngeh ngeh ngeh..(palms rubbing & smiles naughtily)

si penglipur lara: tersebutlah kisahhh...

audience: taibbb.....

Pada zaman Kesultanan Melaka dahulu, disebuah kampong bernama Pekan Kenanga tinggallah dua org sahabat baek bernama hang pijol dan si enal. mereka berdua org miskin..CAIS pagi, makan pagi, CAIS petang, makan petanglah. kalao tak keje sehari, tak mengais la diorg, soru illek

Penghulu kpg tu, Kiyai Hakimi buka la sebidang tanah bendang yg sgt luas. dia nak tulong org kampung, nak merancakkan ekonomi Kenanga. masalah problemnya adlh sumber air tu jauh sangat dr bendang. So tok kiyai upahlah dua org pemuda ni, pijol n enal 2 do the dirty job (kuang kuang kuang). depa kena angkat baldi berisi air dr sungai tu ke takungan air di bendang. setiap baldi di beri upah satu sen..

So, depa kerja keras. sehari depa bleh angkut seratus baldi air. In the end of the day, pijol n enal masing2 dibayar upah SERATUS SEN sehari!!!! kaya!! kaya!! pakcik kaya!! hah, depa di puji2 org kpg..maklum la dah jd org kaya baru. sebulan keje cam ni dah blh beli keta lembu.

Selepas lapan hari membanting tulang, pijol dah sengal2 badan. tapak tgn dia dah merah dan bengkak. mula la upah dia menurun, tak byk baldi lg dia blh bawa. pijol rasa kecewa. mau tak mau, kerja tetap kena kerja. pijol mula berfikir, apa aku blh buat utk ringankan beban? aku takkan mampu kerja mcm ini sepanjang hayatku. aku tak cukup rehat. badan semakin sakit. aku pun semakin hari semakin tua. bila nak kawin?

Ting!!! (light bulb) pijol dapek idea. yes, apa kata aku bina paip dr sungai ke bendang? daripada dibayar ikut bilangan baldi lebih baik kalau aku dapat duit yg tak putus2. mungkin aku terpaksa kerja keras utk bina terusan tp bila dah siap aku tak perlu kerja2 lg. air paip itu akan mengalir tak putus2. mmg visionary betul si pijol ni.

So dia pun ajak sahabatnya enal..

Tu bi kontiniu in Pijol the Pipe Builder II